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Hot tub jets and your options

Examine your hot tub jet options when you plan your hot tub configuration, and don’t forget to take note of the price of replacement jets.

Health benefits of using the hot tub in the winter

Using the hot tub during the winter months can be enjoyable and extremely comfortable — despite frigid outdoor conditions. Most people think that using the hot tub in the winter can lead to an increase of cold and influenza, but that is not the case.

What to look for in energy efficient hot tubs

Find your energy efficient hot tubs by looking for key signs like high R-values and avoidance of expensive options like air nozzles or lightweight covers.

Guide for winterizing your hot tub

Hot tub owners may be concerned about freezing conditions damaging their hot tubs in wintertime, but with the right maintenance and care, your tub can stay in top condition.

Hot tub prices for every budget

Hot tub shoppers have options available in every price range. Here is a roundup of brands and features for each.

Hot tub care tips to extend the life of your spa

A collection of tips for how to keep your hot tub in perfect shape for years of enjoyment.

How important is your hot tub filter?

When it comes to maintaining a clean hot tub, one of the easiest things you can do is stay up to date with your hot tub filter.

How to prepare your hot tub foundation

Buying a hot tub? Check out our guide on how to prepare your hot tub foundation. Whether it’s on concrete, pavers, or a deck, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

What can you expect in your hot tub installation cost?

Installing a hot tub may be more complex than you imagine. Find out exactly what to expect.

Your complete guide to the hot tub installation process

This intro guide will walk you through what to expect post-delivery. From electric to plumbing, this guide will get you prepared.

Best spa and hot tub chemicals

Spa and hot tub cleaning chemicals are a very important subject to learn about. This article describes the options available.

Hot tub cleaning horror stories

Learn how hot tub cleaning can help maximize your investment (and enjoyment).

How much should you read into hot tub reviews?

Using reviews to assist in your buying process is a smart idea. Find out how to make the most of hot tub reviews.

Enjoy your spa year-round with hot tub enclosures

Find out how hot tub enclosures allow owners to enjoy their tub any time of the year, no matter the weather.

Is a portable hot tub the right choice for you?

There are many benefits to choosing a portable hot tub. Find out what they are and decide if this option is right for you.

ACE salt water sanitizing cuts down on hot tub maintenance

If you want your hot tub squeaky clean without committing to hours of maintenance, consider ACE salt water sanitizing.

How to prepare for a hot tub sale

Prepare for your upcoming hot tub sale by reviewing this buying guide.

Do hot tub health benefits outweigh the cost?

Weigh the health benefits a hot tub can provide you before making a purchase.

Options for in-ground hot tub installation

It’s important to research in-ground hot tub installation options before you begin pricing hot tubs from different manufacturers. This article can fill you in on the many options.

Swim Spas combine luxury with health

Swim spas provide big health benefits with little maintenance.

Cal Spas hot tubs provide a resort experience at your home

Read how Cal Spas hot tubs provide the ultimate home resort experience.